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Superbowl FactsFootball
  • More than 90 million people will watch this year's Super Bowl
  • CBS is charging $3 million for a 30 second commercial spot
  • $86 million is expected to be wagered on the game
  • San Diego has hosted the Super Bowl 3 times, and the Chargers have played in one
  • New Orleans and Miami have hosted the Super Bowl the most at 9 times
  • Pittsburgh has won the most Super Bowls at 6 times
  • The longest Super Bowl winning streak has only been two in a row
  • Buffalo lost the Super Bowl 4 times in a row
  • Fans will consume 14,500 tons of chips, 8 million pounds of guacamole and 30 million slices of pizza on Superbowl Sunday
Real Estate and Economic News  
The National Association of Realtors reported this week that pending home sales -- homes that are in the escrow process -- rose by 1.0 percent in December. Doesn't sound like much, right? Well, it is a big improvement from November when pending sales fell by 16.4 percent after a surge in activity leading up to the expected end to the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit.
According to The Wall Street Journal's quarterly housing survey, inventories of homes listed for sale are down sharply across the U.S. and have reached very low levels in some areas, including San Diego. The decrease in supplies has sparked a return of bidding wars on  properties in some neighborhoods.
One reason for such bidding wars is that many buyers can qualify for tax credits of as much as $8,000 if they agree on a home purchase by April 30. Meanwhile, economists say mortgage rates-currently around 5% for standard 30-year fixed-rate loans-are likely to be at least modestly higher later this year as the Federal Reserve withdraws support for the market.
Analysts at Credit Suisse in New York say that rate could end the year at 5.10% to 5.25%. Mark Zandi of Moody's predicts 5.75%.
The number of homes listed for sale is down sharply across the U.S., according to the survey. The supply would last four months or less at the current sales rate in the Boston, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco areas. A six-month supply is considered roughly balanced between buyers and sellers.
Today's employment reports shows that the unemployment rate fell from 10+ percent in December to 9.7 percent in January.
A new report from the Conference Board finds that online advertised job vacancies rose by 382,000 to more than 4 million in January. This follows an increase in December and November. Here in California, online job postings rose by 67,600 in January, the biggest increase since the Conference Board started tracking these numbers in 2005. "This is very good news since the seasonally adjusted increases come in two months when we normally see employers cut back on advertising for workers," said spokesman Gad Levanon.
A new survey of Southern California technology executives who now believe that the worst of the economic decline has passed. And, 75 percent of companies surveyed plan to hire new employees in 2010. "Southern California is one of the top locations for technology companies and I think it will be reassuring to the industry as a whole to see these executives entering 2010 with a greater sense of confidence," said Ben Kuo, founder of SoCal Tech.
The Commerce Department reported that personal income rose for the sixth month in a row, up 0.4 percent. And, spending rose by 0.1 percent, the third straight monthly increase. As a result, the U.S. savings rate rose to 4.8 percent.

This Day In History

February 5
1900 - The United States and the United Kingdom sign a treaty for the Panama Canal
1919 - Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists.
1958 - A hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered.
1974 - Heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a small leftist group, the Symbionese Liberation Army.
1993 - President William Clinton signed the Family-Leave Bill requiring companies with 50 or more employees to allow employees to take up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for family health reasons.
The Move Over, Slow Down Law
Effective January 1, if driving on a freeway and approaching a lane immediately adjacent to a stationary emergency vehicle, tow truck or CalTrans vehicle displaying emergency lights, drivers must move over to a freeway lane not immediately adjacent to the official vehicle; if unable to move to another lane, motorists are required to slow down.
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