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Valentine's Day is here and I'm one of those saps the Hallmark store targets!  Not only did I buy Valentines and silly gifts for my adult children but also the cats! I know, I know, but I think I come by this naturally. There were five siblings in my family and my Mom never missed a chance to celebrate a holiday. I remember she amazed us with a heart shaped cake (before heart shaped pans) smothered with pink frosting she made from powdered sugar, butter and red food coloring.


Today I'll visit my aunt's retirement home and hand out chocolate kisses and 3D cards with animals that appear to move (slightly twisted). It's great to see the retirees faces light up when they receive a Valentine.  I'll end the day with a romantic dinner overlooking downtown with my equally sappy husband! :-)



Wine  The Winner of This Month's Drawing Is... 


Linda Armstrong!

Linda has won a $50 Cohn restaurant gift card.  Congratulations!


The next drawing will be in a few weeks......



News & Views  


One reason folks seem fairly happy here is the length of their commute. A recent study from HR company TriNet, finds workers here have an average commute time of 24.7 minutes, the shortest drive of any metropolitan areas analyzed. Interestingly, the city with the longest commute time is Washington, D.C., at 31.2 minutes. That might explain why workers in Arlington, Va., are not so happy. Most of them commute into D.C.


Tom Wornham, chairman of the San Diego County Water Authority, is reminding people that we are not in drought conditions in San Diego County. He mentioned yesterday morning at the EDC board meeting that the roadside signs popping up saying we are in a drought is part of a government campaign statewide. San Diego County, which is often the case, planned ahead and has ample water supplies to get through 2014. With that said, the CWA is asking people to voluntarily cut back on water consumption.



Why We Fall in Love - With Houses  

 Falling in love can be wonderful-and finding the perfect house can make a house-hunter weak in the knees.

As Valentine's Day approaches, a survey by shows that falling head-over-heels for a house is fairly common-69% of respondents reported that they have had a home crush. House-hunters with a "home crush," as defined in the survey, are drawn to the same house again and again. surveyed 1,082 individuals from Jan. 9 to Jan. 20 who reported having had a home crush.


Many people approach house hunting the same way they approach dating, by checking compatibility and fit, but the intangible factors are what tips a house from crush to true love, says Leslie Piper,'s consumer-housing specialist and an agent with Pacific Union in Lafayette, Calif.  "You have to make sure you know what's really out there. You evaluate what is a turn-on and turn-off, and perhaps you'll fall in love," Ms. Piper says.


Also like dating, men and women approach a home crush very differently.


Some key findings from the survey:

Women are more likely to crush on home that is out of their price range: 41% of women said their home crush is out of their price range, compared with 30% of men.

Men tend to move from one home crush to another: 36% of men said they find a new home crush weekly, compared with 29% of women.

Outdoor living spaces are the most attractive home attributes to both men and women: 54% of women and 46% of men said outdoor living spaces like backyards, decks and patios make them fall in real-estate love. In addition, 42% of women preferred open-floor plans, and 40% of men indicated garages.


Nearly 80% of homebuyers first find their home crush on their computer. After that, about one-third then decide to go see the house in person.


About 16 years ago, Brenda Van Fossen of Lynchburg, Va., stumbled on a 2,600-square-foot, contemporary-style house with 10-foot ceilings and an open-floor plan. She called up the agent and was disappointed to hear that the house was already under contract. But Ms. Van Fossen couldn't get the house off of her mind. A year later, she found out that the house was back on the market and purchased it for roughly $170,000. Ms. Van Fossen, who became a real-estate agent in 2006, says she has never felt this way about a house before: "That first night there, it sounds silly, but it was like I was in love."


But love can have a downside-heartbreak. "You have to be realistic. When you're looking at homes outside of your price range, the last thing you want to be is disappointed. It would be like falling in love with someone on the other side of the country," Ms. Piper says. To move on, she suggests keeping an open mind and perhaps considering several houses at the same time in case the first choice doesn't work out.  Fortunately, unlike with relationships, picky homebuyers do not need to limit themselves to what's on the market, she says. Rebuilding, redecorating or building from scratch are an option, too.





Video of the Month


 Kids React to Valentine's Day 

In this CUTE 3 minute video, 25 kids are interviewed about love, dating and marriage, affection, babies, and things they love.




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