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Grand MayanI just returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas. We stayed at The Grand Mayan Resort located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.  We were pleasantly surprised at the tiny town of San Jose del Cabo with much more authenticity and within walking distance of our resort.  The Bisbee Marlin tournament concluded during our stay with the Grand Marlin weighing in at 407lbs.  The overall  purse for the winners was $2.9 million, with second place winner taking home nearly $1 million for his catch!  Snorkeling was spectacular, with a wide variety of fish.  A fun trip overall!
Que le vaya bien,



WineThe Winner of This Week's Drawing Is...


Leo West & Barry Garron!

Leo and Barry have won a $50 Cohn restaurant gift card.

The next drawing will be in a few weeks.....



News & Views 


We all know how lucky we are to live in San Diego. Well, that was verified in a new survey from Men's Health magazine, which selected San Diego as the luckiest town in the United States. The magazine ranked 100 cities on a number of criteria including the most lottery and sweepstakes winners, the most hole-in-ones on golf courses, fewest lightning strikes, the least amount of deaths from falling objects, and the lowest debt due to playing the lottery and race betting.


The confidence of homebuilders in the West region rose significantly this month, rising to the highest level since August 2007. "Builder confidence regained some ground in October due to modest improvements in buyers' interest in select markets where economic recovery is starting to take hold and where foreclosure activity has remained comparatively subdued," said Bob Nielsen, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders, which released the report. Other regions saw modest growth well below what we saw in this area. Welcome to the world of economic cycles. It is just a matter of time -- I think sooner rather than later -- before we start to see measurable increases in home buying activity and prices.


Another positive sign for the housing market comes from the BuildFax Remodeling Index, which rose last month to its highest level in history. The index has slowly but steadily increased for 22 consecutive months. "As mortgage rates hit record lows, it is apparent that millions of Americans are refinancing their homes and using some of their new monthly savings to reinvest in their homes with remodeling projects," said Joe Emison of BuildFax.


Also out this morning is news from the Commerce Department showing new home construction activity rose by 15 percent in September, rising to a 17-month high. The biggest part of the increase was in the area of multifamily construction, such as apartment building, where activity jumped 53.4 percent, the highest level in three years. Construction of single-family, detached homes rose just 1.7 percent. This is in line with recent forecasts suggesting density will be the trend for home construction for years to come.



Immediate Home Improvement through Feng Shui  


If you're looking to make some quick improvements to the environment in your home, the following list of practical Feng Shui cures is at your service:

  • Place an energetic fountain near your front door. The flowing energy of the water symbolizes cash, which helps more of the green stuff come your way. Get ready to enjoy more cash flow and connections with key people thanks to this simple cure.
  • Clear the entryway to your home. Let the chi (energy) flow right into your home and life by ridding your home's front entry of obstacles. Such things as looming plants or vines, old newspapers, bikes, and toys in your front path may limit the amount of energy entering your home. Clear out anything behind your door for even more benefits.
  • Make sure your home encourages learning. Put books where you can see them when you come in the front door to stimulate learning in both you and your children.
  • Get rid of unwanted frustrations by fixing broken objects. Make sure your front door is in good working order. It shouldn't scrape the floor or squeak, and the doorknob, hinges, and locks should all be secure. This cure allows you to release your frustrations and anxieties and smoothes your life path.
  • Spice up your love life with plants in the bedroom. Place three or nine new plants in your bedroom to enliven the energy of the room, adding hope and cheer. (If the plants have pink flowers, this cure will be even stronger!)
  • Position your bed to feel safe, loved, and great. Place your bed in the Commanding Position of your bedroom. This spot is the one farthest from the door but where you're still able to see the doorway and anyone approaching while you're lying in the bed. Placing your bed in the Commanding Position allows you to be stronger, calmer, and in charge.
  • Block drains to keep dollars from draining out of your pockets. To keep your funds from being drained, keep your bathroom doors closed, hang full-length mirrors on the outsides of your bathroom doors, and keep your drains closed when not in use (cover the sink drain, stop the tub, and keep the toilet lid closed).
  • Encourage helpful people in your life by hanging a pleasant-sounding wind chime. The sound of a metal wind chime hung in the right-front area of your home, office, or bedroom activates more people to help you and gets you more help from the people who are already at your side.
  • Boost your career with a better desk position. Position your desk cater-corner to and facing the office or cube door (even if you don't actually have a door in your workspace). If you can't turn your desk to face the door, arrange a mirror on your desk or wall so you can see who's coming. This adjustment helps you encounter more opportunities, go further in your field, and lose less often.

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Halloween is the perfect excuse for Ellen Degeneres to scare whoever she can. This hilarious video features some of her show's best frights.



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