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Summer is almost over and my daughter Alexandra is returning to Syracuse University in New York for her second year of college.  She worked in San Diego this summer writing a radio program/podcast and performing search engine optimization.  We had great fun on our beach bike rides, walks, going to chick flick movies and making feather earrings!



WineThe Winner of This Week's Drawing Is... 


Pat Mullen!

Pat has won a $50 restaurant gift card.

The next drawing will be in a few weeks.....



Important New Law Regarding Carbon Monoxide Detectors  


As of July 1, 2011 ALL single family residences in California must have carbon monoxide detectors on each level of the dwelling if that home has an attached garage, a fireplace or any gas or oil burning appliances, which is pretty much every single family home in California.


California Senate Bill 183 first took effect in January for construction of new homes. Starting July 1st it applies to existing homes as well. The detectors of the odorless, colorless gas can be bought at hardware stores for anywhere from $20 to $90. The bill requires that devices sold are certified by the Office of State Fire Marshal.  Many people are choosing to replace their existing smoke detectors with a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.


But not everyone has to install the detectors by July 1. Owners of other dwellings, such as hotels, apartments and dormitories, have until 2013 to comply.


Homeowners who fail to install the devices by July 1 will receive a 30-day notice. If they fail to comply, they face a maximum fine of $200 for each offense.  Tonya Hoover, acting State Fire Marshall, said it will be difficult to enforce the law but that the focus should be in increasing awareness. "It will be challenging because they are a lot more homes than people able to verify," Hoover said. "That's why one should focus on education and outreach, informing people about the law and how to install the devices properly."




Video of the Week


My Blackberry Is Not WorkingMy Blackberry Is Not Working

This very popular video is a hilarious tongue-in-cheek look at technology from the BBC.



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