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AlexandraMy daughter was home from Syracuse University in New York for the last month!  She spent her last few days in San Diego tanning at the beach and having feathers woven into her hair. She wanted to make a splash back on the east coast looking like the California girl!  Entertaining to hear about college/dorm life, and wonderful that she is doing so well!
San Diego Restaurant Week is this week through Friday. This successful dining event is held twice a year, and features more than 160 of San Diego's best restaurants offering fixed price, three-course meals for $20, $30 or $40.  I'm looking forward to trying "Market" in Del Mar, serving Roasted Atichoke and Proscuitto Salad, glazed King Salmon, Smoked bacon wrapped beef tenderloin and cranberry-ginger cheesecake. Nummmmmmmy!.
AdvocateThe Winner of This Week's Drawing Is...

Bert Rutherford
Bert has won a $50 restaurant gift card and a signed copy of the thriller "The Advocate" from San Diego author Teresa Burrell. 

The next drawing will be in a few weeks...
Top 10 Remodeling Trends

Small Jobs and Replacements Lead the Way
The top ten spots in the national ranking are occupied by thirteen projects (including ties), and it's a sign of the times that nine of these are exterior replacements. Replacement projects have always performed better in resale value than other types of remodeling projects, partly because they are among the least expensive projects, and partly because they are non-discretionary improvements that contribute to curb appeal, which is a strong subjective factor among home buyers.  Replacements projects have historically outperformed full-service remodeling projects, primarily because they are lower-cost projects that are perceived as essential to regular home maintenance.

This is certainly the case with the top two projects, entry door and new-this-year garage door replacement, which are the two least expensive projects evaluated in the current price-conscious economy. But the number three spot is occupied by fiber-cement siding replacement, which comes with an "upscale" price tag that averages $13,382 nationally. Since it was added to the survey in 2005, fiber-cement siding replacement has been remarkably stable: it has ranked first every year among projects costing $5,000 or more, and this year showed the smallest cost increase (less than 1%) of any project.

The four non-replacement projects in the top ten also seem to reflect the price-conscious mood of remodeling customers, although to different degrees. Wood deck addition, which tied for fourth with minor kitchen remodel, is not only relatively inexpensive, it is almost considered essential rather than discretionary, particularly in neighborhoods where every home has an outdoor living space. Minor kitchen remodel may at first appear to buck the trend -- at $21,695 nationally, it is the highest price among projects under $25,000. But this project represents a relatively inexpensive "face-lift" to what is for most prospective buyers the most important room in the home.

The remaining two projects in the top ten, attic bedroom remodel and basement remodel, are relatively expensive, but represent good value to home owners looking for additional space. Both projects add living space and a bathroom within the existing footprint of the home, and both make good use of space that would otherwise be used only for storage.
News and Views  

A report from online mortgage service Mortgage Marvel finds loan applicants in California have the highest credit scores in the country at 755. "Many Californians have clearly figured out how to weather the financial storms," said spokesman Rick Allen.
San Diego ranked number nine on the list of the most searched real estate markets at, the website operated by the National Association of Realtors. Believe it or not, Las Vegas tops the December list and has flip-flopped with Los Angeles throughout 2010. Overall, cities in the Sunbelt dominate this list.
Video of the Week

Wingsuit FlyingWingsuit Flying

Have you ever had a dream where you were flying?  Ever wonder how it would truly feel?  Consider Wingsuit Proximity Flying.  These daredevils asked 'why not?' and began jumping off cliffs with nothing but a wingsuit and a chute!  Amazing video clips.

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