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La Costa TennisI grew up playing tennis and come from a family of tennis nuts! I still enjoy the game and love watching the pros play.  Saturday I attended the WTA Professional Woman's Tournament at the La Costa Resort & Spa. We enjoyed lunch overlooking the golf course then great box seats right at the net.  The La Costa resort has a small, intimate stadium surrounded by beautiful greens. Another fun place to visit in America's Finest City. 
Patricia van Damme & Ren Gale!
Patricia and Ren have won $50 in gift certificates for Yogurt On The Rocks - congratulations! 
The next drawing will be in a few weeks.
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Mirroring the national trend, average mortgage rates continued to fall in San Diego County during the week ending Aug. 6, according to numbers released by the San Diego Chapter of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals (SD-CAMP).
A 30-year fixed mortgage in San Diego carries an average interest rate of 4.075 percent. Interest on 15-year fixed loans remained at 3.725 percent.
Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE) reported last week that 30-year fixed loans during the same period hit an all-time low of 4.49 percent, and interest rates for 15-year fixed mortgages during the period were 3.95 percent.
Alan Nevin's most recent report from MarketPointe Realty Advisors addresses the most pressing problem facing the housing market, the rising risk of a housing shortage in the San Diego region. "San Diego needs approximately 12,000 new housing units per year to handle population increases. In the past three years combined, San Diego has only issued 7,019 single family permits. Clearly, we are behind the supply curve for what will be needed in the future."
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home Today
Homeownership almost seems like a dirty word in today's society. People are blogging, tweeting and facebooking their belief that buying a home is just plain stupid. I respect their opinion on the issue though I totally disagree. Why?
This might be the best time to buy a home in American real estate history.
Some might think I'm crazy. Cynics might think that I am saying this because I am a realtor. My reason for saying it is actually quite simple. Owning a home makes more sense than not owning a home for the vast majority of families in this country. Let me give you five reasons why.
1. Real Estate is a Great Long Term Investment
Don't take my word on this. This is what Mike Mandel, former chief economist at BusinessWeek and current Senior Fellow at Wharton's Mack Center for Technological Innovation, had to say:  We've just had the biggest boom and bust in real estate in recent history. Nevertheless, real estate has still greatly outperformed the stock market over the past ten years.
2. A Home Is a Better Place to Raise a Family
Don't take my word on this. When Fannie Mae asked current renters for the major reason to buy a house in their National Housing Survey 2010, these were the answers renters gave (they could pick multiple answers):
78% said it was a good place to raise children
75% said because they would feel safe
70% said because you have control of your own space
3. A Home Creates a Sense of Community
Don't take my word on this. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York just published a paper The Homeownership Gap. The paper explained:
Because owners have a financial interest in their property, they have incentives to take measures that will maintain or increase the value of that property. Some of these measures-such as fixing a leaky roof-are closely related to the house itself. Others, such as investing resources in the betterment of the neighborhood and the community, have broader beneficial effects on the local area, creating what economists call "positive externalities."
4. It's Cheaper to Own Than Rent in Many Parts of the Country
Don't take my word on this. Housing Wire just reported on a Credit Suisse study:
While a segment of the renting population continues to rent, many are looking to dip their toes in the homeownership waters. Credit Suisse said the percentage of median household income needed to pay the mortgage on a median priced home is at a 30-year low... Low mortgage rates and property values makes homeownership more attractive than renting for many. In many markets - including Washington DC, California's Inland Empire, Las Vegas and Phoenix - paying for a mortgage is less expensive than renting.
5. The People Who Do Buy a Home Don't Regret It
Don't take my word on this. Probably the best people to ask if buying a home makes sense are the people who currently own homes. A recent national poll commissioned by found:
Ninety percent of homeowners say they don't regret buying their home despite a nationwide tsunami of foreclosures, short sales and loan modifications.
It's a great long term investment. It's a great place to raise a family. It gives you a greater sense of community. It's less expensive than renting. People who currently own have no regrets. Buying a home seems like a no brainer to me.
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Today, I would like to become the person my dog thinks I am.
Jack Thomson, Entrepreneur
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Remember your reaction to your first taste of lemon? These babies are all trying their very first lemon, and their reactions are priceless!
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