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Coronado FerryI played tourist again with visiting relatives on Memorial weekend!   We parked at the Broadway Pier at the Embarcadero and hopped on the San Diego Bay Ferry to Coronado. Parking after 6p.m. was free and tickets only $7.00 per person round trip.  Many people were boarding with bikes.  It was sunset and a little chilly out,  so we chose to sit inside the ferry at a big, round table.  As we pulled away from the dock the view of the downtown skyline was breathtaking!  Only a ten minute ride and we walked down the ramp to "The Landing".  We enjoyed dinner on an outdoor deck looking back at our beautiful city!  Fun night and reminds me of how many fantastic outings we have at our fingertips in Americas Finest City!!
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New home sales in April rose by 14.8 percent to an annualized rate of 504,000 units, the highest level in 23 months.
Mortgage rates remained in record territory this week, with the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage falling to 4.92 percent and 15-year-fixed-rate remaining at 4.34 percent, according to the national survey of large lenders. This is a record low in the history of the weekly survey, which goes back almost 25 years to September 1985.   And Freddie Mac's rates are 4.78 percent for 30-year-fixed-rate and 4.21 percent for 15-year-fixed-rate for those who qualify.
What does this mean to you?
If you are looking to buy a home, it is now less expensive to purchase a home, and you will pay less per month.
If you are looking to sell your home, you will have more buyers that will be able to qualify for your home.
If you want to keep your home, you can refinance and lower your monthly payments, or maybe even look at 15 year mortgages.
Weekend Do-It-Yourself Projects  
Spring is almost over, and like many other homeowners you may be looking for simple do-it-yourself projects to spruce up your home or to increase its value.
We've all heard the term "curb appeal." And that's where our projects start today. Curb appeal is another way of saying your home's "first impression." It can affect your home's value and saleability.
One easily overlooked element can be your driveway, sidewalks, and steps. Dirt, oil, and grime can darken and stain your concrete, giving it the appearance of being unkempt. This is not a first impression that sits well with buyers. But have no fear, there is a simple solution.
Normally, power washing your concrete is recommended, but because of San Diego's drought, other options are recommended. 
Option 1: Pour cola on the oily or dry stained areas, and leave the cola on overnight. Squirt a generous amount of dishwashing liquid into a bucket until you have a good lather. Rinse with the soapy water.
Option 2: Sprinkle baking soda or an absorbent powder such as cornmeal or sawdust on the oily spots. If the stain is dry, wet it first to make a scouring paste. Scrub with a stiff brush or push broom.
Another great curb appeal booster is your front door. Many homeowners make the design mistake of picking a color that matches the house and recedes into the background. For just a few dollars and an hours work, you can make your front door noticeable and more welcoming. Consider selecting a bright or contrasting color. Red complements green hues, and blue complements orange hues.
Once you're inside the house, a quick fix can be changing and updating light fixtures. Nothing says dated like track lighting. Safety first, however, so be sure to turn off the breaker before you start working with anything electrical. Next, take out any light bulbs in the fixture to avoid broken glass. And finally unbolt and unscrew plates and mounts.
Moving into the backyard we find the next weekend project. While it may not be the huge equity booster that many projects can be, it does add a different kind of value to your home life. What are we talking about? Vegetable gardens. According to Texas A&M, "Home gardening continues to grow in popularity. One of every three families does some type of home gardening, according to conservative estimates, with most gardens located in urban areas."
It's not only popular, it can help you save big when it comes to providing your family with organic or fresh produce.
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The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.
Barbara Pletcher
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Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist and professional speaker, shares a hilarous story of life with her husband 'left brain'.
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